Auto Insurance

The First and Longest-Lived Insurance Policy You Will Ever Own

Vehicle insurance is the first insurance most of us will purchase and likely the longest held policy.

We may have purchased our auto insurance from a national insurance company with funny commercials and, according to them, great prices. We actually enjoy the witty commercials as much as you do. However, come claim time, will there be an actual person helping you through the claim process or a nameless faceless operator?

With a few clicks of a mouse with one of the National Carriers, you can get what appears to be inexpensive coverage. But what did you actually purchase? Did you get the right level of under/uninsured motorist coverage? Did you get enough liability coverage? How about agreed value? Are you sufficiently covered at your current level? We take personal interest in every one of our policy owners. We will educate you before you select your auto policy and advocate for you when you have a claim. Let us help you select the plan that fits your unique needs.

Auto Coverage is Just the Beginning of Your Relationship With Your Agent

We believe relationships are the key to the insurance business. You may have your business insurance one place, your life insurance another, and your home and auto yet another. Why wouldn’t you go to one agent for all these products? At Madison Insurance Group we will discuss your situation and find the policies that meet all of your needs. We can be more than just your Auto or Business agent.

When you have questions or a claim, we want to be your first phone call!