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High Value Insurance

High Value Property Owners Have More to Lose

High value homes are defined as homes valued at over $1 Million.

Estimates are that over 40% of high value homes are underinsured!

The high value homeowner’s policy must be professionally selected. It is important for a high valued owner to know that a typical homeowner’s policy does not guarantee full home replacement or repair. Custom construction and specialty labor and materials require a unique policy that will cover high value property in full. Your high value home window is more than glass, it is a piece of art, a banister, hand-crafted and a lighting fixture, custom welded.


Additionally, a typical homeowner’s policy, does not provide the extra property coverage that is required for the treasured collections and belongings inside and outside of the high value home. A print is a signed original, a vase, a work of art, a rug, a hand woven oriental, all requiring coverage unique to high value ownership.

High value auto insurance is more than liability, comprehensive, collision, medical expense, uninsured/underinsured, car rental. and towing. You have worked hard to acquire the best and want the best to repair it when something happens. You want original manufactured parts, agreed value, with no hassle or haggling on the value, and worldwide coverage.

Madison Insurance has access to these policies and hands on experience from specializing in high value coverage. A full evaluation of your insurance needs and recommendations of the right policy for your high value property is what you can expect from Madison Insurance Group.