Restaurant Insurance

The Best Restaurant Insurance is Knowing How to Prevent a Claim

When we say we know the restaurant industry, we do! We know how to prepare our policy holders with valuable insights in advance to prevent the most common and uncommon restaurant claims.

It starts with a grease fire, add food spoilage, food poison, the grease trap – we could go on. There are so many ways a restaurant can be liable. Without a knowledgable insurance agent, you could be out of business shortly after the grand opening. Madison Insurance Group educates you to understand and midigate your exposure, ensures you have the best coverage available and lets you concentrate on tasty food and excellent service.

A few examples of a restaurant liability outside the kitchen:

  • Who would think that your choice of  outdoor umbrella could become a point of litigation? It can! A customer was hit with an outdoor umbrella. Was the restaurant covered?
  • What about signage?
  • How about employees’ actions?
  • How about serving an underage drinker?