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Homeowners Insurance

Coverage Options For Every Home

When it comes to homeowners insurance, We’ve got your back!

Insurance language can be tricky and when hail or fire or water damage occurs, you may not have the coverage that you think you do. Let us translate your current plan and come up with some options that give you the right coverage for your unique situation.

You may not realize that Colorado has unique laws and regulations that are changing frequently. Additionally, insurance companies adjust their coverage according to the experience they have in the state.

For example, the recent hail storms have caused a surge in roof claims for homeowners across Colorado. Will Insurance companies adjust policies? Is your roof covered adequately if a storm were to hit your house? What provisions determine the level of your benefit?

An often overlooked homeowner’s coverage includes jewelry. However the amount of coverage differs greatly between carriers. Did you provide a list of items with appraised value for each item? Is there a maximum amount that your policy will pay per item? Is there a deductible and if so how much is it? Jewelry coverage is just one of many policy items with similar benefits and limits that can be easily misunderstood.

If you DON’T OWN your home and you RENT, here’s big news… your landlord does not carry insurance for YOUR belongings! Should damage from fire or smoke or burglary occur, you need a Renter’s Policy. They are fairly inexpensive and well worth it.

Madison Insurance Group is here to help you through all these questions and may ask questions you never thought were relevant. You want an insurance agent who cares as much about your home and property as you do!

What do I need for a homeowner's quote?

Current carrier contract or declaration page and bill, Mortgagee name – address – loan number, construction information on your house including year built, construction type, heating type, square feet, basement yes or no, roof type, etc. and any losses on your homeowners in the past 5 years.